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Parka. The Neverending Story

A journey through time, ancient and modern history compared.

There are so many interpretations and materials used for the iconic jacket, which is a mix&match of more normal overcoats.
Not everyone knows that the origins of the Parka (the word literally means "animal skin") are truly ancient and actually date to prehistory among the Inuit populations of the Arctic Circle, who used animal skins to protect themselves against the freezing temperatures.
The Parka then continued its journey through time to the Second World War.
Used by American soldiers, it was manufactured in cotton fabric on the outside, with a fur lining and drawstring waist to protect against the cold.
From the end of the 1950s and right through the 1970s, the Parka first became the symbol of the youth rebellion of the Mod movement (from the word modernist) and then of all movements attempting to break with the past.

It reached its peak and widest use during this period, in the classic military green version, with drawstring waist, dovetail and hood.
It continued through the 1990s, with the mood styles of the grunge generation, worn by trendsetters from music and fashion worlds, and has reached us today with all its contemporary sports chic allure.

Homeward has remained faithful to the original Parka, preserving every single detail: stylish buttons, drawstring waist and zipper; colours range from the classic military green to navy blue; the out-shell fabric is a cotton and nylon blend and the padding is soft fake down, recalling the most authentic version.
A casual and multitasking jacket, which combines functionality, comfort and style. A must have for any look.