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The new rain jackets, perfect also for the city.

Is it raining? No problem!

Once only used in the countryside or on a boat by Norwegian fishermen, rain jackets are now ideal for a highly urban and metropolitan style.

Waterproof, sophisticated and lightweight, but also colourful, versatile and, most importantly, extremely warm thanks to the soft Sherpa fleece lining.

Homeward Rain Jackets are jackets in the truest sense and can be worn over a dress, a jacket or a jumper.

Offering stylish comfort in any situation, they are perfect for a rainy day.

With their techno-urban elegance, our Rain Jackets are manufactured with innovative materials which make them functional, stylish, elegant and fashionable at the same time.

The colours? Colours range from the traditional yellow and classic navy blue to much more fluorescent and trendy colours. A genuine rainbow of colours.

They are certainly jackets, but also little works of art of fashion design. Much better than an umbrella!